National Poetry Month : Poem 5


Well it looks like I’ve failed miserably with my one a day challenge but I suppose it’s better than one a year.

Thanks to  all the people who are following this blog.

I must issue a word of warning that some of the posts will contain language that some people may find offensive. I try to keep it to a minimum and in context but sometimes it just has to go in and I wouldn’t like anyone to be offended or taken by surprise when they see it’s not all about bunny rabbits and pussy cats (oops).  I will try and have a proper home page one day.

I don’t think there’s any swearing in today’s offering.

So Maggies gone.
Far be it from me to diss the recently departed, but as everyone and their grandmother seem to be offering some sort of critique, measured or otherwise, I might as well throw in my two pennyworth.

Before we start I would like to point out that I find the organised celebrations of  Baroness Thatcher’s death unedifying. In fact totally disgraceful. However the syrupy platitudes are also disingenuous if not totally dishonest.

I suppose that her lasting legacy is that the country is now subject to the whims of psychopathic spiv bankers and foreign conglomerates. Sold off and sold out.
One of the more disturbing consequences is the way the police now deal with legitimate protest by employing intimidation and indiscriminate violence . I was at Orgreave and saw what really happened and how the media and television news twisted the facts. A few years later and just a few miles away 96 football supporters, men, women and children, died as direct result of this new “let’s get tough on the plebs” policy for crowd control engineered or at least encouraged by Thatcher. Again the facts were falsified by the police and the media with collusion by Mrs T herself.

Maybe the people celebrating Thatcher’s demise should save some of their ire for the duplicitous Tony Blair who had every opportunity to right some of the wrongs done to the communities he claimed to represent. He didn’t and even went so far as to multiply the body count exponentially by becoming involved in another war which could have and should have been stopped before it started.

I’ve tried to look for something positive to say but as far as I can see, the only good thing she ever did was to abolish that awful school milk.

So with apologies to the late great Burl Ives and the late, and perhaps not so great, Maggie Thatcher here’s:

There Was an Old Country That Swallowed a Lie

There was an old lady who was a Prime Minister
Until her own party finished her
She was a Prime Minister

 She became a Prime Minister to stop the kid’s milk
Of Tory ilk
She stopped the kid’s milk

 She became a Prime Minister to punish the workers
She thought they were shirkers
So she punished the workers

Perhaps she’ll die

 There was an old lady who was a Prime Minister
Her agenda was sinister
When she was Prime Minister

 She became a Prime Minister to sell council houses
Selling off houses is what she espouses
For this she was blessed with plaudits and thanks
For putting more folks in the pockets of banks

 She became a Prime Minister to shut down the mines
Leaving communities lagging behind
Their counterparts in the prosperous south
Generations hand to mouth

 She became a Prime Minister to sell people shares
In industries that were already theirs
The next day the rich men just hoovered them up
The public couldn’t believe their luck
A washing machine or a fortnight in Spain
Thirty years later we’re feeling the pain

 She became a Prime Minister and took the Falklands back
Put hundreds of men in body sacks
News of casualties made her cry

Perhaps she’ll die

 There was an old lady who was a Prime Minister
Megalomania diminished her
When she was Prime Minister

 She became a Prime Minister to court the U.S.
Dancing with Ron in her best party dress
America was happy to nurture this bond
For as long as we housed all their nuclear bombs

 She became a Prime Minister when Britain was flagging
Gave Johnny Frenchie a right good handbagging
But if you look closely the evidence shows
That she sold off our country from under our nose

 She became a Prime Minister to empower the police
To bring the miners down to their knees
Once famous for fairness and total neutrality
Now driven to acts of naked brutality
Impunity for the thick blue line
She bribed them with hours of overtime
This was their culture now not a quick fix
And it led to the deaths of the ninety-six

Perhaps she’ll die

 There was an old lady who was a Prime Minister
And they all try to mimic her
Even Labour Prime Ministers

 She became a Prime Minister to set an example
For all those that followed but oh what a sample
They try in vain to follow her lead
With a programme of asset-stripping and greed
Now the country is bankrupt and it’s going to get worse

She’s dead of course

 Well there you go. As they say it’s grim up north.

Back to the proper chronicles soon.


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  1. Johnny,s back ! With five smashing poems and musings on life and current issues . My favorite is Korean up the Apocolypse . Hope lots of people follow this blog for it,s wit, humour, and wisdom.

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