Welcome to The Chronicles of Clithero

The musings of our hapless hero Johnny Clithero in something approximating rhyming couplets and hastily drawn cartoons.

Described as “an ordinary man for ordinary times” Johnny shares his everyday carryings on with the world at large or (if the stats so far are anything to go by) practically no-one. These range from the mundane such as a trip to the shops on the bus and listening to the radio to interactions with super-models and billionaires. There are smatterings of domestic strife, run-ins with the law and opinions on a range of subjects including religion, charity and celebrity. In fact anything that comes into his head at any given time.

There should be something for everybody or maybe it turns out to be something for nobody. Who knows?

A word of warning for the discerning or sensitive: There may be a few naughty words scattered about and terms that some people might find a bit much. This is not gratuitous or unnecessary but sometimes it has to go in for effect and to make a point.

Here’s a selection of what people are saying about Johnny Clithero:

A nice enough bloke but might be a bit dim”  –     Richard Branson (CEO Virgin)

Johnny who?”    –    Naomi Campbell  (Super-Model)

A total disgrace ”     –  Germaine Greer (Famous Aussie feminist and author of The Female Eunoch)

He’s a spaz ”       –   Ricky Gervais    (“Comedian”)

He’s a fine poet but he wasn’t a friend of Michael Jackson like I was ”   –   Uri Geller  (Spoon bender)

I think it’s him who keeps putting stuff in my bin ”   –  Arthur Jones  (Next-door neighbour)

Will you stop pissing about on that bloody computer ”   –   Mavis Clithero

It’s only a matter of time ”   –  South Yorkshire Police


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